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Message Makeover by Jeffrey Pease

Last Curated On:Friday, 24 July 2020
Self-Paced   Free Session

Download content, calendar invite, certificate and code here.

Course overview

Let's Join Jeffrey Pease, MBA Brand Messaging Expert | Startups to Fortune 100 | Sometime Songwriter from New York, New York, United States to understand and quickly start to be a brand messaging expert for yourself and your community. He has a well-tested "Message Makeover" session to help businesses learn how to sharpen their message to grow their business.

Communicate Clearly
Deliver the simple story customers crave through a tested structure that ensures success.
Supercharge Sales
Elevate sales and marketing results with the most leveraged GTM investment any company can make.
Build A More Valuable Brand
Use your message to attract talent, punch up publicity, and lift valuation.


Multicloud4u LLC USA will certify the participants with Level 1 certification after the session. Certificates can be claimed at You can invite your friends or colleagues as well to attend the session.

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Meet the speaker

Best job ready short courses by Jeffrey Pease on Message Makeover by Jeffrey Pease at #multicloud4u #5thir

Brand Messaging Expert | Startups to Fortune 100 | Sometime Songwriter

Jeffrey Pease has led hundreds of messaging engagements for Fortune 100 companies and startups throughout the world. During twenty years of technology marketing, Jeffrey served as Chief Marketing Officer of Medidata and AvePoint and Vice President at Oracle, where he founded the company's messaging team. Jeffrey holds BA and MBA degrees from Cornell University. He is also an award-winning songwriter, bringing structured creativity to his marketing work.

What people say?

“Jeffrey Pease is the Wizard of Messaging.”

-Fred Studer, Chief Marketing Officer, Tibco
Twenty years of experience across a wide range of B2B markets and technologies.

“Nobody has ever understood our business so quickly, so well as Jeffrey Pease.”

-Damon Tassone, COO, Intent Global
Uniquely cost-effective. Elevates all sales and marketing results.

“We were able to grow again with almost double digits over the last 4 quarters, and the whole basis for that has been the messaging we did with Jeffrey.”

-Donat Retif, CEO, MeteoGroup BV

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Marketing Advisor

Company And Industry:

Message Mechanics"


Founder, Message Mechanics