Azure Data Engineering Brief

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Last Curated On:Saturday, 06 February 2021
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Course overview

This 1 hour session will give you a brief about Azure Data Engineering Course.
1. Introduction to Azure Data Engineer Course.
2. Prerequisites.
2. What is covered in the course?
3. Gauze student level and there expectations.
4. Agree on Batch timings and schedule.
5. Mock Test and Azure Data Engineering Exam By Multicloud4u.
6. How to prepare for DP200 and 201.
7. Where to take Microsoft original Exam?
8. Practice Machines, Private WhatsApp group for the course?
9. Do's and Don'ts?

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Meet the speaker

Best job ready short courses by Preyash Vrat on Azure Data Engineering Brief at #multicloud4u #5thir

Preyash Vrat, MCT

Preaysh Is a ☁ Cloud Solutions Architect with a hands-on experience in  Azure, AWS, Bluemix having 16K Followers on Linkedin and works At a multinational.

Awards and Certificates:-

Refer his profile here:-

More About Preaysh

Preyash has extensive experience in the following:-

1. Building Cloud Solution For Azure and Multicloud

2. Cloud Migration on Azure and Multicloud

3. Data Modernization with Data Lake, Delta Lake, Big data Tech and Streaming solutions not forgetting the principal in existence with a data warehouse.

4. Data Engineering on Cloud

5. Data Operations using Data Bricks and Data Factory

6. Data Streaming

7. ETL and Extensive Analytics tool Including Synapse

8. Utilizing data with Power BI and API'S

Profile details


Azure Solution and Data Architect,Cloud Community Leader

Company And Industry:

Top Multinational"


Microsoft Certified Trainer



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