Informatica Tech Lead

  • Company : Multicloud4u Technologies
  • Requirement Type : Full Time
  • Industry : IT Industry
  • Location : City: Lucknow State: Uttar Pradesh Country: India (IN)
  • Max Salary : 2000000 INR
  • Key Skills : AEP, ETL, Data Warehouse technologies
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  • Experience in Year : 5 - 10
  • Domain Experience : 5
  • Authorized To Work : India
  • Description

    Additional details:

    • Act as a solution architect and understand the end to end solution.
    • Mentor/Coach the teams on how to execute the project
    • Work with AEP Leads to assess progress, issues, risks and set expectations (milestones/timelines) to complete work
    • Assess changing business needs and design optimal solutions
    • Work with the portfolio teams and understand how data consumption happens and design the data layer accordingly
    • Role will be spread across multiple projects and understanding the data layer as an enterprise platform and design effort accordingly is critical (to avoid siloed data)
    • Handle proper data storage for a company or organization
    •  Use Informatica software to design and maintain data storage systems
    • Assess the data requirements that a company may have
    • Load and test available data 
    • Analyze data warehousing systems
    • Resolve and provide solutions to any issues that may arrive
    • Create proper technical documentation outlining the entire process
    • Develop data warehousing systems by using Informatica tools
    •  Integrate warehousing systems with an organization or company’s existing systems
    • Troubleshoot and debug any issues while integrating
    •  Ensure that the requirements for all the processes have been met 
    •  Conduct quality checks on the stored data on a regular basis
    • Leads the tuning of ETL processes and database queries
    •  Responsible for timely project deliveries and ability to prioritize tasks and work concurrently on multiple tasks
    • Leads in writing and reviewing software functional specifications and design reviews
    • Provides guidance to more junior staff
    • Experience working with Onshore and Offshore teams
    • Provides input to continuously improve ETL process discipline and resulting output quality
    • Participates in writing and reviewing software functional specifications and design reviews
    • Collaborates with development teams, business units to identify, define, develop and implement new data source feeds
    • Monitors usage of the Data Warehouse to identify potential capacity overloads and bottlenecks
    • Assists with tuning of ETL processes and database performance
    • Design and develop any/all necessary ETL processes
    • Responsible for loading and validating data into the data warehouse
    • Provides support for technical issues and ensuring system availability
    • Remains current on Data Warehousing technologies, testing industry trends and best practices
    • Ownership of projects and responsible for deliverables
    Contact Recruiter : [email protected] Note: This Requirment is either from the Multicloud4u Technologies or from its global partner, please contact recuiter directly for further information
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