Understand Databases on cloud At Depth

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Understand database technology at depth. What is Apsara DB? What is cross geo db architecture. What is RDS MYSQL and PolarDB MySQL? Diffrence between RDS MYSQL and PolarDB MySQL? Alib......
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Instructed by

Ankit Kapoor
Database Solution Architect

I currently work at Alibaba Cloud as Database Solution Architect. Prior to Alibaba, I was a Lead DBA for RDS DB + Aurora MySQL at AWS (Amazon Web Services). My work and interests cover the performance and reliability of OLTP systems in MySQL, understanding the source code of MySQL and optimising it . I often work on source code of MySQL in order to understand Redo log, log buffer , mtr (mini tx) , mtr buffers and other related aspects of storage layer of Innodb. In addition to this I am also working on Postgres design . For distributed databases I work on MPP database of MySQL and PG which we can call it Analytics DB for MySQL and PG or Redshift for MySQL. I have strong skills in designing of OLTP architectures (be it cloud or on-prem). Additionally , I am well-versed in performance tuning, diagnosing abnormal or suboptimal behaviour, high availability operations, designing RTO and RPO , fail overs, preventing single point failures, DB security , pin-pointing bottlenecks of performance and implementing optimisations. I can program proficiently in C and started working on details of shell scripting. I keep on refreshing my knowledge on data structures , implementing data structures in scripting. As an open source DBA, I have a good understanding of design trade offs in databases. I also have extensive experience in migrating various databases using traditional methodologies via code or by using existing migrations tools. I also have the necessary communication skills to share my research findings and engage with the community. I love teaching and sharing my skills with others. You can see my work below which can substantiate my sharing skills :

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