Payment Refund Policy
Payment Process Guidance for - Hosted by Multicloud4u Technologies
Welcome to the payment process guidance page for, your trusted Training and Event Management Portal. Please review the information below to understand the payment procedures, options, and important instructions for a smooth payment experience.

Payment Process in India:
Payment in India is seamlessly integrated with the platform, ensuring instant activation. We have partnered with RazorPay as our trusted payment gateway provider.
International Payment Option:
For international users, we offer the convenience of payment through PayPal. You can pay using the "Pay via PayPal" button available on the platform.
Once payment is received, we will promptly verify and activate your course, matching the email and phone number associated with your payment. This process generally takes 1 to 2 working hours after payment confirmation. Alternatively, you can request a customized PayPal payment link by contacting us at [email protected]. After payment, your access will be activated within 1-2 working hours.
Please note that our support hours are from 9 AM to 10 PM IST. For any issues, you can reach out to us on WhatsApp at +918920222218.

Important Payment Guidelines:

Do Not Refresh or Click Back: During the payment process, please avoid clicking the back or refresh buttons. Doing so may lead to unintended redirection to a different event page.
PayPal Payments: If you are making a payment through PayPal, after completion, please wait for an email from us containing the activated link. This may take anywhere from 1 to 12 working hours.

Legal Entity Details, Refund Policy, and Additional Information:

1. Event Platform Owner:
Our event commerce platform,, is owned by Multicloud4u Technologies.
2. Payment Entity Details:
The payment will be directly processed by M/S Multicloud4u Technologies, registered in Haryana, India, under UAM No. HR05D0024075.
3. Integration and Security:
We are fully integrated with RazorPay for payment processing. Your payment details and card information are managed securely by the payment gateway.
4. No Payment Data Storage:
We do not store any payment or card information on our platform. It is exclusively managed by the payment gateway.
5. RazorPay Popup Widget:
When you click the payment button, you will be redirected to a RazorPay popup widget. This widget is entirely managed and secured by RazorPay India.
6. GST Credits and Invoices:
For GST credits or GST-based invoices, please send your payment details to [email protected].
7. Refund Policy:
Refunds can be requested within 3 days after payment or 3 days before the actual event date. Note that payments for past events or events with passed dates are non-refundable.
8. Support and Contact:
For any difficulties or issues, or if you have made a payment but cannot access event resources, reach out to our Telegram support channel. Our team will assist you within 1:1 interactions.
9. Important Refund Information:
Kindly refrain from providing personal information on the Telegram channel. Our team members will initiate one-on-one communication.
For detailed information about our refund policy and other terms, please visit our Refund Policy page.
We appreciate your engagement with If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].
Refunds can be requested within 3 days after payment or 3 days before the actual event date. Note that payments for past events or events with passed dates are non-refundable.
3.1. Users are eligible for a refund in accordance with the following guidelines:
For courses: A refund can be initiated within the first two sessions of the course.
For events and sessions: A refund can be initiated up to 1 day before the scheduled start of the event or session
3.2. Refund requests must be made through the designated channels on the Portal.
The refund will be processed according to the payment gateway's processing time and the specified refund policy.

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