Hybrid/Multi-cloud with Google Cloud

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This session aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of hybrid/multi-cloud strategies and how Google Cloud can empower your organization to succeed in this space. We will explore the ke......
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Instructed by

Abhishek Sharma
A Cloud & DevOps Engineer

A Cloud & DevOps Engineer, Google Cloud Champions Innovator in Hybrid/Multi-Cloud, Cloud Mentor, Public Speaker & Content Creator( Blog & Training Videos)

I possess over 1.5 years of experience in optimizing and modernizing clients' Cloud infrastructure in hybrid and multi-cloud environments with GCP. My skillset includes proficiency in Google Cloud and various DevOps tools such as Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, among others, with practical project experience. I am enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and mentoring individuals in the cloud field. Additionally, I am passionate about exploring new technologies and currently exploring Multi-cloud, IoT, and Machine Learning domains, which allows me to combine my passion with my work and enjoy what I do.


In the area of : Multicloud
Awarded Year 2023

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