Azure Data Engineering

  • Company : Multicloud4u Technologies
  • Requirement Type : Full Time
  • Industry : Information Technology
  • Location : City: Gurgaon State: Haryana Country: India (IN)
  • Max Salary : 2000000 INR
  • Key Skills : Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse Analytics, ETL
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  • Experience in Year : 8 - 15
  • Domain Requirements : Azure Data Engineer
  • Domain Experience : 8
  • Authorized To Work : India
  • Description

    Job Summary

    As the Technology Manager - Azure Data Engineering, you will oversee the design, development, and implementation of data engineering projects on the Azure platform for our global retail client. You will be responsible for delivering accurate timelines to internal clients, managing project delivery, and addressing bottlenecks in requirement gathering and data collection. Your role will involve coordinating with multiple teams and vendors across different languages and time zones, ensuring data governance, building an enterprise data catalog, and developing analytics measures for various domains while ensuring security and data democratization.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Project Management:
      • Provide accurate timelines and deliverables to internal clients.
      • Oversee the end-to-end delivery of data engineering projects.
      • Identify and manage bottlenecks in requirement gathering and data collection processes.
    • Team Coordination:
      • Coordinate with multiple teams and vendors across different languages and time zones.
      • Facilitate effective communication and collaboration among cross-functional teams.
    • Data Governance:
      • Implement and enforce data governance policies and procedures.
      • Ensure compliance with data privacy and security regulations.
    • Data Engineering:
      • Lead the design, development, and maintenance of data pipelines on the Azure platform.
      • Oversee the collection, correction, and integration of data from various sources.
      • Ensure the quality, accuracy, and reliability of data.
    • Enterprise Data Catalog:
      • Develop and maintain an enterprise data catalog to enable data discovery and accessibility.
      • Promote data democratization across the organization.
    • Analytics and Reporting:
      • Develop and implement analytics measures for multiple domains.
      • Support the creation of dashboards and reports to drive data-driven decision-making.
    • Security:
      • Ensure the security of data at rest and in transit.
      • Implement measures to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.


    • Education:
      • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Data Science, or a related field.
      • Advanced degree preferred.
    • Experience:
      • Minimum of 8 years of experience in data engineering, with at least 3 years in a management role.
      • Proven experience with Azure Data Services (Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse Analytics, etc.).
      • Experience in the retail industry is a plus.
    • Skills:
      • Strong project management and organizational skills.
      • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
      • Proficiency in multiple languages is a plus.
      • Deep understanding of data governance and data security best practices.
      • Expertise in building and managing data pipelines, ETL processes, and data integration.
      • Ability to work in a global, multi-time zone environment.
    Contact Recruiter : [email protected] Note: This Requirment is either from the Multicloud4u Technologies or from its global partner, please contact recuiter directly for further information
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