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Automate Accessibility on a Web APP or SPA in few Clicks | Learn Alternat

Last Curated On:Sunday, 20 December 2020
Self-Paced   Free Session

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Course overview

Kepler team from Kepler labs with their lead engineer and enabling partner Alok Kumar will help us understand the need for accessibility in modern Applications. The talk will describe the importance of Accessibility and tools that they have researched which makes the life of interactive developers, project team and web engineers easy to enable accessibility on any web platform in a much better and standard way. Speakes - Alok Kumar, Mayank Jain and Nitin Katyal Detail - alternate ( is a collection of toolsets with the ambition of lowering the barrier of adopting accessibility solutions. alternat helps to generate default intelligible alternative text for images in websites. Along with the basics of accessibility the team will cover the following topics in the talk 1. Alternat Demo 2. Architecture 3. Extending alternat

Meet the speaker

Best job ready short courses by Kepler Labs on Automate Accessibility on a Web APP or SPA in few Clicks | Learn Alternat at #multicloud4u #5thir

Kepler Lab (an innovation lab of Publicis.Sapient) primarily works on emerging technologies. We work on the stack for Idea2Life (AI based rapid prototyping tool for web designers and developers). The platform is used by 5 clients which helps them speed up their prototyping cycle by 5X. We also created the world's first AI based voice benchmarking and SEO platform for our clients. The tools helps in data collection and analysis across 7 geographies, with multiple voice configurations. The platform has directly helped our client get a 5 start rating in Voice SEO and $500k revenue from their clients.

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UI Research Lab

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