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M365 - Microsoft Teams Governance

Last Curated On:Saturday, 25 September 2021
Self-Paced   Free Session

Download content, calendar invite, certificate and code here.

Course overview

Microsoft 365 empowers users with the latest innovation across new and familiar productivity experiences like Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Windows. Microsoft Teams is a unified and collaborative platform that helps you organize and manage video conferencing, communication, assessments, teams & classrooms online. The course deals with how to implement better governance in the Microsoft team using features such as Expiration Policy, Retention Policy and Archive and restore. The Objective of the session is

  1. What is Governance
  2. Why Governance is so important for any organization having an M365 tenant
  3. Important Point - Decisions
  4. How to implement Governance - OOB options available and limitations
    • Set up Microsoft 365 groups expiration
    • Set up Teams retention policies
    • Archive or restore a team
  5. Custom implementation and demo

Meet the speaker

Best job ready short courses by Prasham Sabadra on M365 - Microsoft Teams Governance at #multicloud4u #5thir

Passionate SharePoint / Microsoft 365 Techie, Author, Blogger, SharePoint Developer, Architect, Trainer, 5 times C# corner MVP and learner. Certified Professional Workshop Facilitator. Over 14+ years of experience in the Software Industry, working on Microsoft Technologies, 10+ of those working on SharePoint. I have an appetite for solving problems and finding solutions that makes lives of others easier. My core experience is in SharePoint. Since SharePoint/Microsoft 365 has been something close to my heart, I have a natural passion to learn, explore and try my hands on. I am very passionate about SharePoint and hands on all versions of SharePoint. I love to share the knowledge. I love blogging ( and keep writing of my daily experiences regarding SharePoint / Office 365 / Azure / Motivation / Success Stories. Specialties: Microsoft 365, Azure, Python, SharePoint, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Communities, Blogging, Training's, Search, Collaboration, MOSS, WSS, Social Computing, Architect, Office 365, TFS, Java Script, JQuery.

Profile details


Azure, Microsoft 365, Azure DevOps consultant,

Company And Industry:

Top Multinational"


Passionate SharePoint / Microsoft 365 Techie, Author, Blogger, SharePoint Developer, Architect, Trainer, 5 times C# corner MVP and learner.



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