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What will you learn from this master class?
This will have two certificates level 1 from Multicloud4u and Another level2 clouder from Alibaba cloud academy after taking 15 questions FAQ.
What you will learn:-
  1. The story of streaming and messaging, 
  2. The Evolution of distributed systems.
  3. Frames, Publishers and Subscribers,
  4. Producers and Consumers, 
  5. Apache Kafka, Confluent and Kafka ,Alibaba Cloud Kafka Offering, K SQL
  6. A short Demo
  1. Distributed Systems Knowledge.
  2. Basics of Alibaba Cloud Creating a VM and a VPC
Refer these short courses here on the following:-
Creating your account and a free VM on Alibaba cloud:-
Working with VPC on Alicloud and Multicloud

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I am a data and product consultant who engineers products and sell them with empathy. Lead and Foster Knowledge and project collaboration between 10 K techies across 80 countries via my platform focus on long-term value generated for my clients rather than numbers because I am an engineer by design. A born leader and innovator. I am someone who can mentor people in thousand regardless of their professional background, lead from the front, develop build and design software products and go sell them in the market with empathy blended with value-driven emotional and technical intelligence with gifted Humor. I bring 20+ Years of strong experience in doing digital business transformations by building data full products delivered on Speed, Quality, and Value on cloud and in premises. I have worked with multiple fortune 500 companies, NGOs,s, and Governments to facilitate build 100 of products that have been at the center of strategic transformation for my companies and clients. I have extensively used Business, Data, Technology, and Application architecture to help business delivers value-based solutions by balancing frugality and quality with architecture and engineering.

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