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Type:- Series|Complete Course| Certification:-Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates(with the exam)

Topic:- AWS Cloud Watch End to End

TOPIC To Be Covered in session 1 and 2 (End of August)
1- Introduction to CloudWatch
2- Cloud Watch Metics
3- Custom Metrics
4- Cloud Watch Alarm
5- Dashboards
6- Automation using CloudWatch Event Rules and Lambda
7- Pushing Custom Logs to CloudWatch
8- CloudWatch Container Insights
9- CloudWatch Service Lens
10. Code and Demo
11. Q N A
12. Further Guidance and Reference.
Senior Systems Engineer at Singapore Airlines


Multicloud4u LLC USA will certify the participants with Level 1 Certificates.
While the event and level 1 certificate are free, Level2 Certificate and Downloadable Materials with a self use GNU license are Paid.
Free level 1 certification after the session. Certificates can be claimed at You can invite your friends or colleagues as well to attend the session.

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Senior Systems Engineer

AWS || Google Cloud || Kubernetes || Python || MongoDB || MySQL || Jenkins || Ansible || Terraform || Nginx || Elasticsearch || Linux AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect Certified Kubernetes Administrator Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate

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