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Resources and Takeaways

1. Two Free Certificates.

Level1 from Multicloud4u and Level2 After Quiz from Alibaba Cloud Academy

Level 1 Participation certificate from multicloud4u.

Use the HAT icon in green below the video panel.

Level 2 Completion Certificate after attending the 15 question exam by Alibaba Cloud Academy.

Use the quiz icon in green below the video panel to navigate to Alibaba cloud academy and attend the 15 question quiz to get the certificate and the credit directly from Alibaba Cloud.

2. one Slide deck

Click the file icon in green below the video panel to download the latest slides.

3. One Extra  Video

Click the Video icon in green for one extra video about Terraform cloud. 

4. One Multicloud Instruction for Terraform 

Click the code icon in green to download the step by step instructions, this contains screenshots of multi-cloud scenarios.

This short course covers the following

1. Introduction to DevOps
2. Introduction to Infrastructure as Code(IaC)
3. Terraform and Terraform Cloud
4. GitHub and its advantages
5. Steps for Creating VPC in Alibaba Cloud Using Terraform Cloud
6. Demo


1. How to Create a Free Vm and Account on Alibaba Cloud

2. How to create Virtual Private Cloud  in Alibaba cloud

3. Creat your Terraform cloud account

Terraform Cloud

4. Create your Git Hub Account 

GitHub: Where the world builds software · GitHub

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He has completed M.E (Network and Internet Engineering) from Karunya University, Coimbatore in the year 2009 and B.Tech (I.T) from St.Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering affiliated to Anna University in the year 2005. He has around 14 Years of Software experience, where he worked with various .net technologies Has 10 years of teaching experience as Assistant Professor at St.Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering. Presently he is work as Cloud/Software Consultant in GM Software,Nagercoil,India. He is an MVP(Most Valuable Professional) in Alibaba Cloud with more 75+ Clouder certification and four Associate Certification in o Cloud Computing o Cloud Security o Enterprise Database Cloud Transformation Architect o Cloud-Native He got "DevOps Engineer Certification" From Alibaba Cloud He is Oracle Academy Certified Trainer for Oracle Certification Courses. He is active Writer of Alibaba Cloud in Quora and Reddit He is an active writer in linkedin and published 4 articles in linkedin Linkedin Profile-

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