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This session will provide an overview of Terraform, some key stages in
the workflow, and how it functions with a sample provider I have built myself.

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I like to strategise, architect, code, deliver and operate secure- & reliable- cloud-native solutions. Coding is my passion, and I've tried my hands across multiple programming languages. I started with C/C++ and moved into building web-based Java applications, to Microsoft based technologies. More recently, I've used Python (for data) to Golang (for AWS & Kubernetes based projects). Experience implementing web and cloud-based solutions on AWS & Kubernetes (terraform, helm, packer); Java, Spring; .NET (WPF, WCF, WWF, ASP.NET). I have architected complex web and client-server bespoke as well as cloud-, CMS- based solutions. I have worked across clients in various industries (Finance, Healthcare, Retail) across different geographies. I have experience building and operating cloud-based platforms using well-architected principles (including security, reliability, performance & cost) on AWS and Azure. Well versed in agile project management, estimations, planning and execution of projects and closely worked with client business and technology teams. Experienced in architecting secure and reliable solutions, managing product teams building and maintaining applications on the cloud. I'm keen on building next-generation product experiences for end-users based on cloud-native, micro-services architectures, using core DevSecOps principles.

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