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Azure Data Studio Notebooks provide users with a functional way to read, comment and present their queries. Using ADS Notebooks users can also present their results and store them in a JSON format. The benefits of using ADS Notebooks are the following:
Rich comments (including links and images), Source Code and Results are all packaged in a single file.
Notebook files can be combined with Readme and YAML files to construct a book (sometimes referred to as a Jupyter Notebook).
Notebooks are saved as pure JSON files.
Can be fully integrated with GitHub
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Deepthi is a SQL Server Database Administrator with several years of experience in Administering SQL Servers. She is a Microsoft certified trainer and Microsoft certified professional with an Associate and Expert level Certification in Data Management and Analytics. Deepthi blogs for Deepthi is a Co-Organizer for Microsoft Data and AI South Florida user group and Data Platform Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Virtual Group. She is a Volunteer for Data platform Women in Technology user group. She is a Friend of Redgate. Along with this, Deepthi loves arts and crafts. You can contact her on Twitter @dbanuggets.

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