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Path to complete PAI Studio Linear Regression With Visual Modeling

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Covers aspects and details with step by step hands-on guidance on how to start with Alibaba cloud PAI Studio, by using Linear regression techniques?

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This course has two modules:-

1. Basics to PAI studio using visual modelling with multiple basic to understand linear regression example.

2. A little Advance implementation using different notebook options inside PAI as well as well known industry acknowledged notebook tool.

3. Also cover the engineering aspects of driving value out of your experiments.


1. Bhaskar Tripathi (Alibaba Cloud Data Science MVP)

2. Anjani Kumar(Alibaba Cloud Big Data MVP)


1. Level 1 on completing module 2 by multicloud4u.

2. Level 2 directly by Alibaba Cloud Academy by using the link below or clicking on the faq icon below the video panel from any of the module.



Setup  free account and  VM



Alibaba cloud Apsara data stack


Big Data Stack


In Association


Certificate Samples Level2 by Alibaba Cloud Academy


Certificate Samples Level1 After the second module


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101 to Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning
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Wednesday, 20 January 2021
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Friday, 22 January 2021
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