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Mohit Chhabra

Microsoft Azure MVP

Microsoft MVP(Most Valuable Professional)- Microsoft Azure/ Software Engineer

Mohit Chhabra is working as a Software Engineer at Medialesson Gmbh. Prior to this, he was working at Harman International and Applied Information Sciences as Cloud and DevOps lead. He is MCSD in Web and Windows Development. He is presently C#Corner MVP. He was India’s First Azure Champion and the First person in India to Crack Microsoft Technology Center Training. He was a Microsoft Student Partner, Windows 8 Ambassador, Digit Squad Ambassador, and Mozilla Student Representative.

Past experience

1. Worked with Harman International as Senior Software Engineer/ DevOps Engineer.
2. Worked with Applied Information Sciences from Oct 2013-September 2016.
3. Worked as an Intern with Microsoft, RealBox Media and ThinkDigit
4. Product Developer with hands-on experience in planning, designing, coordinating and executing software products through SDLC. Proven expertise in offering a value proposition to customers by delivering optimized solutions to their typical business problems through cutting-edge Microsoft technologies.
5. 1.5 Years of working experience with Microsoft as a Microsoft Student Partner
6. Experience in development of web and windows applications using Microsoft technologies
7. Experience in Mobile application development using Silverlight, HTML5, XAML
8. Experience in Windows 8 application development using Silverlight
9. Experience in Microsoft Azure-based Development


In the area of : Azure
Awarded Year 2023

Profile details


Microsoft Azure MVP

Company And Industry:

Medialesson Gmbh


Software Engineer at Medialesson Gmbh

Mentorship by Mohit Chhabra At USD per hour



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